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Recommended Game – Professor Layton and Curious Village

Professor Layton and Curious Village is the very 1st Professor Layton game that hit the store shelves back in 2008 and currently available for smartphones…but with a few minor differences. Here we are introduced to Professor Layton and Luke Triton who have been invited to the remote village of St. Mystere by the family of late Baron Augustus Reinhold to figure out the secret behind his last will and testament, in which he stated that anyone who found the Golden Apple hidden within the town would be entitled to his entire fortune.

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Much more than just a puzzle game

Although the series is well known for its puzzles as there are 138 in this game. It is really much more than just a puzzle game, or even a visual novel as some sites call it. The game pulls you in right from the start with little clues and odd situations that come up from time to time. Take when a resident is kidnapped but yet later they are found unharmed…but with no memory of ever having to have been kidnapped.

But what really sets is aside are the hidden challenges in the game. One of the reasons I play it with a walkthrough, not that it is that difficult. As solutions to the puzzles can be found on may sites. No, what really stands out are the little challenges that can be found in the entire series.

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The first with Main Menu

Professor Layton and Curious Village is the first to use The Professor’s Trunk which acts as the main in-game menu. This is where you can find things like the Save function, Journal where you can read accounts of events that have taken place, recap the Mysteries, The Puzzle Index which allows you replay puzzles that you found. The Inn gives you the chance to decorate the rooms Prof. Layton and Luke are staying in. Lastly Gizmo and The Painting, Gizmo once you collected enough parts (collected during gameplay) to build a robot dog which helps you locate items that you otherwise might miss. The Painting reveals the truth, which can be shocking.

Although I will admit the ending really didn’t surprise me, I played it all the way to the end. The twists and turns this story takes are interesting. Like when Professor Layton is actually accused of kidnapping, although he wasn’t guilty. The who, and the way I thought was quite good. So were the action scenes, like the scene where the pair is nearly ran over by a runaway Ferris wheel. If you’re a fan of mysteries like me you will want to come back. Although not the best in the 8 game series, it is worth coming back to time and time again, and I will say it does have replay value.


Even once the game is beaten the challenge isn’t over. There are master challenges a series of puzzles, which only become available once you have completed various tasks in the game.

Then there is the Hidden Room, which is open through a code found in the next game Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, the next game in the series. Which is where 10 pieces of concept art for the game can be found. This function continued to Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask on the 3DS.

Lastly, I want to touch upon 1 thing that may or may not be available depending on how you got your copy of the game The Downloaded Puzzles as there 25 available sadly no longer are. Since Nintendo shut down the DS servers. Although I have heard of a way to unlock these puzzles, unless you are willing to try this, they are only available if they were previously unlocked.

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