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Recommended Game – Professor Layton and The Diabolical Box

The Diabolical Box starts out with Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke going to visit a good friend one Prof. Schrader whom they discover lay unconscious on the floor in his room, next to him is a ticket for the Molentary Express. The box that Layton was invited to see has been stolen. Called the Elysian Box it was said anyone who opens it will die instantly.

This is only the beginning.

Professor Layton and The Diabolical Box is one of the very best games in the entire Professor Layton series. I am very happy it got a Mobile HD remastered, it is well deserved and you will see why.

Next, the game takes you on a train ride right out of the fabled Orient Express with hidden secrets and a possible missing child, who thankfully turns out to be a lost pet. But the clues you find only draw you into an even deeper mystery.

Then on to Dropstone with its own secrets, a hidden connection to the missing Elysian Box as well as Folsense the home of said box, also a country fair of all things.

We find out that the owner of the train is related to the box’s original owner, who ran a gold mine in Folsense…and of course a Grandaughter who is more involved than it appears.

The next leg of there journey takes a strange turn involving sleeping gas, the train suddenly changing tracks and of their arrival in Folsense. A town where nothing has changed since the mine closed 50 years ago.

What caused the mine to close? Why has nothing changed? Why is their a rumor of a vampire in the castle in Flosense? Who really did steal the Elysian Box?

I recommend a walkthrough

Once again I recommend a walkthrough at least once so you won’t miss a thing. Including the following pages to an Old Diary which reveals more clues, Camera starting out as pieces to find, then taking photos within the game which has its own secret, Hamster and exercise (once you get the hamster it reveals locations of hidden items), and lastly the Tea Set. All of which opens up more puzzles in the Layton Challenges which can be found in the Bonus once the game is completed.


Finally the conclusion, I will admit this took me by surprise. The answer turned out to be hallucinogenic gas, but what brought a tear to my eye was the hidden message the Diabolical box contained.

Bonuses contain Weekly Puzzles, in the DS version can be opened but it’s complicated. Layton’s Challenges. You also gain access to Top Secret hides the Profiles, Art, Music, Voice, and Movies within the game but only can be opened based upon the number of Picarats you collect during the game. As well as The Hidden Door and it’s The Secret of the Elysian Box and A Ticket to Time Travel can only be open via codes found in The Curious Village and The Unwound Future but I am sorry to say they are system-specific. But you do get 1 more puzzle, once you are able to access it.

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