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Recommended Game – Professor Layton and The Unwound Future

Professor Layton and The Unwound Future; starts out when Layton and Luke go to see a demonstration of a time machine built by Dr. Alain Stahngun. Something goes wrong and both Stahngun and the Prime Minister who was apart of the demonstration suddenly vanish without a trace when the machine explodes. Then weeks later Layton and Luke get a letter reportedly from Luke 10 years in the future, as they are talking about the mysterious disappearances of scientists across the country.

This sets the tone for the most unusual Professor Layton game ever released on the Nintendo DS as through most of the game your not quite exactly sure what is going on.

For when the letter directs the pair to this clock shop where they soon discover they can travel back and forth through time. Once they do only to find Future London is a far cry from London they know. One controlled by a criminal organization operated by a Future Prof. Layton, but later turns out to be Dr. Alain Stahngun. Future Luke claims this came about when Prof. Layton’s girlfriend Claire was accidentally killed. But for some yet unexplained reason actually helps Layton and company in the future as Celeste.I can assure you it all makes sense in the end, but you can also see why I said you are not quite sure of anything.

In Professor Layton and The Unwound Future , you get 168 in-game puzzles, A Toy Car mini-game, A Parrot and a Picture Book challenges all of which leads to more Puzzles in the Layton Challenges in the Bonuses once the game is completed. In addition once you collect enough Picarats you can unlock Top Secret, which includes Profiles, Art, Music, Voice, Movies and of course The Hidden Door; you’ll get a code for the previous game and if you have that code from The Diabolical Box you can unlock one more puzzle and get a code for The Last Spectre. There are Download Puzzles which appear in all Layton games, which can be opened but it’s complicated.

The conclusion of this game I’ll admit is a strange one. In all this time you weren’t in the future, but instead, you are in a massive cave deep below London. The Future Luke turns out to be Clive, a man who lost both his parents and Claire (whom he also loved) due to an explosion. Who now has a giant mech (created by the scientists he had kidnapped) and wants to destroy London.

Meanwhile, Layton, Luke, Don Paolo (whom they meet), set out to both free Flora (who joined Layton and Luke on their adventure through time) was taken, prisoner. All while they must destroy that mechanical monster.

To what happened to Claire/ Celeste I thought was really the strangest thing in this entire game. Turns out she and the others died from a time travel experiment created by Clive, which was at least partially successful. It sent her temporarily in the future before the blast killed her and the others, and she was momentarily between both events.

Overall it is really a great game, and you will have proof that you are a Layton fan when you complete this game. Thankfully no future Layton games had such a strange plot as The Unwound Future.

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