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Recommended Game – Professor Layton and The Last Specter

The Last Specter is the 1st game in a trilogy of prequels that predate the events that took place in The Curious Village. It’s also one of the best games in the entire series.

As the game begins we learn that Professor Layton has an assistant and it’s not Luke, whom we will meet later in the game. But it turns out to be Emmy Altava, who was hired by Gressenheller University. It seems that they are on their way to Misthalley, the home of Clark Triton (an old friend as well as mayor of Misthalley). Earlier Prof. Layton had received a letter from Clark Triton. Telling them about this “Specter” who holds the entire town of Misthalley in fear as it destroying parts of the town, and could he come and investigate.

The game becomes an investigation as you discover secrets all as you go through the puzzles. Giant Specter, A legend who is destroying the town, unexplained mist, and a sound of a flute that could be heard everywhere, but yet comes from nowhere. A clear case of murder which the local Police seemly don’t want investigated. A Police Inspector who has his own follower and that is only the beginning.

In this game, you get 170 puzzles, Episodes which could be considered deleted scenes, a Toy Train mini-game, A Fish mini-game, and a Puppet Theater Mini game. All of which opens up once you completed certain tasks within the game. I highly recommend a walkthrough if you wish to open all of these, mainly because certain tasks have to be completed in a very certain order to open up what you need for these to be completed.

In the conclusion you get to see Layton arrested, a giant Lake Monster, miraculous healings and lost treasure the likes of which you simply would not believe. We also get a villain one Jean Descole, who appears in the next few games. But also a hidden connection with Professor Layton which becomes more apparent through the later games.

In Bonuses, you gain access to additional puzzles in Layton’s Challenges which only open once a number of tasks are completed in the game. Weekly Puzzles, can be opened but it’s complicated. Top Secret which holds Profiles, Art, Music, Voice, Movies all of which can be opened depending on the number of Picarats you collect in the game and if you have the code from The Unwound Future opens Concept Art and a code for the very 1st 3DS game in the series The Miracle Mask.

Lastly, I want to talk about something you can gain access at any time but it does not affect gameplay. Accessible from the Main Menu it’s called “London Life”. It is a “Sims” type game using many characters from the Prof. Layton series. Although this game has its tricks there is no special way you need to play this, just follow the clues in the dialogue. I will say ‘Fashion’ is the key if you want to advance later in this game.

I got my start writing video game reviews after reading a 3 full page review on Bubble Bobble Evolution PSP which did not even tell me it was a good game. I later discovered that game is terrible.

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