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Recommended Game – Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask

Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask is not only the very 1st Prof. Layton to appear on the 3DS, but also is the 2nd in a series of prequels.

The game starts out with Layton and company in Monte d’Or to visit an old friend named Angela, In order to investigate the Mask of Chaos and why does a local villain wants it so badly. After the 1st of 3D puzzles, a chase on horseback. We discover the main villain of this game, The Masked Gentleman who is causing both fear and panic every time that they appear. One example is when people start to levitate and suddenly vanish without a trace, it is up to Layton and company to figure out why.

During all of this, we are taken back to 18 years earlier when Layton and Angela’s brother Randall go to a cave which housed part of what was a great civilization called the Azrans. Which we explore to not only discover it’s secrets but to find its dangers, but not to forget it’s sometimes often tricky puzzles. At the end of a series of tunnels the Mask of Chaos is found, but Randall appears to have died during the attempt to recover it.

But back to the present where we discover Angela’s husband Henry is arrested because the police think that he is The Masked Gentleman.

In this game you get 150 puzzles, Episodes (which are deleted scenes), a Robot mini-game, a Shop mini-game, and a Rabbit mini-game, also there are 35 collectible items within the game. As per usual you need a walkthrough to get certain items and puzzles in order to reveal everything.

Layton Challenges in the Bonuses, which hold an additional 15 puzzles. Top Secrets, which include Profiles, Art, Music, Voice, Movies which open depending on the number of Picarats you collect within the game.

The Hidden Door is another matter, it holds 2 episodes #1 can be open via a code from The Last Spectre. While #2 only reveals itself after you have seen #1 and even then requires a code from the next game in the series Azran Legacy to open.

The one thing I am happy to say the Daily Puzzles are available for download, you still can enjoy all 365 of them. I will say one thing they are important to open The Hidden Door in Azran Legacy but more on that during a later during a review of that game. There is a bonus of sorts as you complete the Daily Puzzles, you are given the option to decorate Layton’s room.

As to the conclusion, we later discover that the Masked Gentleman is actually the long thought dead Randall. We also discover a plot to find what the Azrans remains of a long-dead civilization just outside of Monte O’re. During this Angela is believed kidnapped but later turns out to be Jean Descole (an old enemy of Layton). But that is not all, we also get a supervillain named Bronev along with his organization Targent who attempt to capture Descole.

We do get an ending of sorts where Randall Ascott tries to make things better with both the people of Monte O’re as well as his own family. The matter of Bronev and Descole remain unsettled unto The Azran Legacy.

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