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Open Mic Night

The Cancer Cells are tired of humans mocking their jokes. So, they’re proclaiming a challenge to any human that’s brave enough. We will be hosting an open mic night on Saturday, July 27th. It doesn’t matter where you might be. Just join our Discord Server and ask the moderator for the “Comedian” Role.

The night of the open mic all participants will take turns (Up to 10 minutes) In our Comedy Club voice channel. But, if you don’t like the idea of telling your jokes over the mic you can always send them as text or even images.

To make things a little more interesting, we will be rewarding the top most liked comedians. The audience will choose their favorites by reacting on the introduction message. Then, the comedian with the most positive reactions will get a $50 cash prize and the top three be permanently featured on this page.

Besides their pictures in the header, winners will be able to display their names, website, bio and up to three social links.

Open mic night 1st place




Social Links:

Please keep in mind that the Sever Rules will apply to the open mic night. You can find the full list of rules on the channel #server-info

Event Time

  • EST 2:00 Pm to 4:00 Pm
  • CET 10:00 Pm to 12:00 Pm

Want to take a look at the competition? You can hear all the Cancer Cell’s jokes in Beat Cancer’s Comedy Club. The Game is available for Android and IOs. You’ll find the download links here.

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